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ZKSync has announced the distribution of 17.5% of its ZK token supply through an airdrop to engage its community in the protocol’s development. The token facilitates network fee payments, community voting, and engagement with the governance system. The distribution aims to reward active users and co...

ZKSync has revealed plans to distribute 17.5% of its ZK token supply through an airdrop, prioritizing active community members for the protocol's development. The token serves various functions, including network fee payments, community voting, and interaction with the governance system.

While the airdrop is designed to empower active users and mitigate the influence of large stakeholders, some users have expressed grievances about their eligibility despite the implementation of a cap to promote fair distribution.

The strategy behind the airdrop aims to reward real, active users within the ZKSync community, focusing on interactions with the platform such as transactions, participation in decentralized applications (dApps), and DeFi protocols. However, controversy has arisen as some users claim ineligibility despite using only one wallet.

To address the dominance of large stakeholders, ZKSync has imposed a cap, limiting allocations to a maximum of 100,000 tokens per address for a more equitable distribution. Eligibility for the airdrop is divided into categories, with 89% of tokens reserved for active users and 11% allocated to ecosystem contributors.

The claim period for the airdrop opens next week and extends until January 3, 2025, with special provisions for GitHub developers and discussion helpers associated with ZKSync.

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Bitfarms Ltd - Technical Analysis Summary

Bitfarms Ltd operates in the technology sector, specifically in computer programming, data processing, and related services.

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- Support and Resistance Levels: $0 (support), $0.674 (resistance)

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ZEEKR Intelligent Technology Holding Limited

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