14 Jun 24
 14 Jun 24
 14 Jun 24

Brand Policy

At Grow My Bag, we value our brand identity and strive to maintain a consistent and professional image across all platforms. To help ensure the proper use of our brand assets, we ask that you follow these Branding Guidelines when using the Grow My Bag name, logo, or other brand elements.

1. Grow My Bag Logo

The Grow My Bag logo should always be used in its entirety, with no alterations or modifications. This includes maintaining the original colors, proportions, and typeface. Do not stretch, distort, or otherwise manipulate the logo.

2. Clear Space and Sizing

When using the Grow My Bag logo, maintain a clear space around the logo equal to the height of the "G" in the logo. This will ensure the logo remains uncluttered and easily recognizable. The logo should be sized appropriately for the specific medium and should never be smaller than the minimum size of 16px in height for digital use or 0.25 inches in height for print use.

3. Color Palette

Our brand color palette should be used consistently across all Grow My Bag materials. This includes using the primary brand colors for the logo, as well as secondary colors for supporting elements.

Primary Brand Colors:

  • Grow My Bag Orange: HEX #f7931e, RGB (247, 147, 30)
  • Grow My Bag Blue: HEX #094f99, RGB (9, 79, 173)

Secondary Brand Colors:

  • Grow My Bag Light Orange: HEX #f6e2ca, RGB (246, 226, 20)
  • Grow My Bag Medium Blue HEX #2A4480, RGB (42, 68, 128)
  • Grow My Bag Deep Blue HEX #041A31, RGB (4, 26, 49)

4. Typography

Our official typeface is Helvetica Neue. This typeface should be used across all Grow My Bag materials to maintain brand consistency. If Helvetica Neue is not available, Arial may be used as a substitute.

5. Usage in Context

When using Grow My Bag branding elements in association with other brands, partnerships, or promotional materials, it is important to ensure that the Grow My Bag brand is accurately represented and not overshadowed or misrepresented by other brands or messages.

6. Prohibited Use

Do not use Grow My Bag brand assets in any way that:

  • Implies an endorsement or partnership without prior written consent from Grow My Bag.
  • Misrepresents Grow My Bag or its services.
  • Violates any local or international laws, regulations, or guidelines.
  • Is offensive, derogatory, or discriminatory in nature.

7. Approval and Questions

For any questions or clarifications regarding the use of Grow My Bag brand assets, or to request approval for specific use cases, please contact the Grow My Bag branding team at [legal@growmybag.com].

By using Grow My Bag brand assets, you agree to adhere to these Branding Guidelines and ensure that the Grow My Bag brand is represented accurately and professionally.